Mercantile / Corporate

We are specialists in company law and have provided advice to both SMEs and large national and international firms in all aspects of their corporate life.

Tax advice

We advise individuals, companies and groups, located in Andorra and internationally, in taxation thanks to our team of lawyers and economists.

Employment and Social Security

We provide advice in the negotiation and formalization of employment contracts, contingencies in the development of the employment relationship, disciplinary regime, dismissals...

Real estate

We advise our clients in the sale and transfer of all types of real estate, as well as in the constitution and establishment of real estate investment companies.

Family and successions

We provide legal advice to our clients on all kinds of issues related to the family: marriage and common-law partners, marital economic regime, successions, parental authority and guardianship.

Invest in Andorra

The professionals who make up the ICM Law Firm provide comprehensive services to foreign companies and individuals who want to set up a business in Andorra.

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